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Regal Gaming Technologies Invests £20m in Leading Gaming Equipment

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Regal MD Matt Bicknell added to Safer Gambling advisory board of the Merkur 360 degree Program

Regal Gaming Technologies, a subsidiary of the MERKUR UK brand, has announced a significant £20 million investment towards the procurement of digital gaming machines, jukeboxes, and pool tables. As part of this investment, over 2,500 pieces of revenue-generating equipment will be purchased; this will include 2,200 Blueprint Ultramax cabinets, 100 NSM Lightning Juke Boxes, and 300 pool tables.

Regal joint Managing Director, Matt Bicknell, has announced that the company will be acquiring another 2,000 Ultramax cabinets and 200 pool tables. This purchase will further solidify Regal's role as a significant supporter of the manufacturing sector's single-site supply chain.

Matt Bicknell believes the competition to secure consumer disposable income has never been fiercer. Consequently, it is critical to remain competitive by investing in top-of-the-line pay-to-play equipment.

Regal's Investment in the Latest Cat C Gaming Equipment Boosts Digital Portfolio to 96%

With the investment and implementation of the latest Cat C gaming equipment, Regal has increased its digital portfolio by 96%, leading to an improved player experience and increased machine income, according to Bicknell.

Advantages of the Digital Revolution for Pub Players

The digital revolution has brought numerous benefits to pub players, including high-definition graphics and the introduction of new content, themes, and ways to win. With digital gaming, new content can be downloaded instantly on a monthly basis, which provides pubs with an opportunity to increase their machine income and attract more players.

The emergence of the omni-channel player means that the variety of game content provides consistency and familiarity for customers who might also play machines in bingo halls and high street gaming entertainment centers.

Regal has dedicated significant time and resources to create the Nexus reporting platform, which offers customers daily reports on collection and refill data, content performance, power on/off events, and other valuable information.

The platform enables customers to obtain accurate and real-time data, resulting in significant advantages for them. This allows Regal to optimise performance and offer customers and players the best product selection in the industry.


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