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We take pride in developing the Best Technological Solutions with our customers



Regal has over 8,000 digital gaming machines connected via MARS. MARS (Machine Analysis Reporting System in Real time) is a game data capture and TITO system, developed in-house by Gauselmann. MARS and Power BI gives us the facility to be able to configure reports according to KPI’s and relevant measures to your business in real-time.

Regal has the ability via these systems to create unique and bespoke reporting and business intelligence suite that assists the decision making process through factual data. Reports can be configured using live up to the minute data and reported across a multitude of measures across configurable date ranges.


Having a connected digital gaming machine estate and being able to use real time data has led us to develop industry leading technological solutions together with our customers and partners. Real time data enables us to take the next steps in machine operating.

  • Contactless Payment in partnership with OKTO

  • The SOLAR Customer Application – a Regal in-house development

  • Age Verification in partnership with YOTI

  • Unique and individual reporting and business intelligence suites

  • Various engineering and collecting applications and tools


Cashless Payments

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Digital Cashless Payments in partnership with


We partnered with OKTO to offer an innovative, proven and secure cashless solution for our digital gaming machines, managed via the highly secure and functional OKTO.WALLET. A user-centric open-loop mobile wallet that allows payments to all retail and online touchpoints. OKTO creates immersive fintech solutions for both consumers and businesses, allowing fast, easy, and secure payments, in-store, online, and on the move with around £2 billion in total transactions.

Pay your way, play your way

Cashless play in all touchpoints of collaborating gaming ecosystem.


Users' lives become sweeter, through cash-backs and rewards!

Free Top up* & P2P Transfer

The OKTO account can be funded via multiple sources for free, while also users can send and receive money for free

Fast, Easy & Secure

Using QR codes in shops, on terminals or online, alongside an array of features we aim to make payment routines effortless and secure.

Linked Prepaid Mastercard®

Users can access their balance instantly through OKTO Virtual & Physical Prepaid Mastercard®.

OKTO is UK FCA registered. Discover all the benefits:

SOLAR Customer Application

 We are constantly innovating the world of machine operating

Next to our industry leading operating and machine management tools CashMaster and MARS are we now introducing the Regal Gaming SOLAR Customer Application. The Solar Customer Application is a Regal in-house development to operate our digital gaming machines even more transparent and efficient for our customers. Available for download on Android now.

Real time data enables us to take the next steps in machine operating

Each site and its machines are individually set up and managed in the SOLAR Customer Application on site. The real time data is transmitted via our Machine Analysis Reporting System, which enables us to take a completely new view on how we operate digital gaming machines together with our customers.

Main functionalities of the SOLAR Customer App:

  • Full Accounting transparency, Reporting- and Analysis opportunities

  • Live Hopper Refill page

  • Live Float Levels

  • Historic and current Collections can be viewed

  • View and request a list of open and closed Service Calls

  • View a list of Contacts defined by Regal and by the Site’s Sub Company

  • Request a call from the Regal Customer Service Team


Age Verification

We are supporting our customer to comply with the Gambling Commission requirements of today and tomorrow.

Therefore, we are offering 3 innovative and reliable Age Verification Options to our customers.


For more information on anything shown here, please contact our Customer Service Team:

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