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Regal Gaming delivers exceptional services with standout products

Ultramax Cabinet

To provide maximum income for all of our customers, we are aware that we need to be much more than a rental company. Our focus on providing an excellent service and even better quality, is what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the leading provider of B2B gaming services.

Planning & Installation

When installing into a new venue, our team conduct thorough site surveys and appraisals. This ensures we offer you the best equipment, in the right locations within your site. Once we have selected suitable machines to optimise cash in box, an engineer from your local depot will install the equipment within the agreed time frame.

We pride ourselves on our customer service as a B2B gaming services provider and ensure that one of our representatives will always be on hand to assist with your needs.

Repair & Maintenance

Our dedicated team of specialist service engineers are skilled in minimising downtime for all your machines. Should any faults occur with the equipment supplied by Regal Gaming on your estate, please contact our service line straight away. An engineer from your local depot will ensure your machine is functioning again without delay.

Account Management

Your personal Business Development Manager will proactively manage your account, review your machine performance and provide KPI analysis and feedback. Extensive industry knowledge ensures the most profitable equipment is sited on your estate at all times. 

As part of our leading B2B gaming services, a member of Regal Gaming Technologies will also visit your site every 12 weeks to discuss how to maximise your machine income and will ensure that any other issues you have, are resolved personally and professionally.

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Cash Collections

Looking after your takings is very important to us. All of Regal Gaming’s’ collectors receive substantial in-house training, ensuring you receive an excellent standard of collection and the highest standards of customer care. Your machines will be collected at least once every 14 days by one of your local collectors and you will be contacted in advance should any changes to your normal agreed collection be taking place.

Licensing & Permit Control

Our licensing department will take care of all of your licensing needs. We will deal with renewal dates and handle the administration on your behalf.

Ultramax Cabinet

Reporting & Data

A wide range of reports and data are available to all of our customers which can be presented in the desired format and delivered when it suits their business needs.

Reports include:

  • House and machine specific income data

  • Machine change and injection rates

  • Collection frequencies and exceptions

  • Re-fill management reports

  • Security reports

  • Uptime / downtime service reports

  • Financial summaries

  • Opportunities for additional revenue

  • Site visits and customer support summaries

  • Industry specific data including test figures and league tables


All data can be broken down by brand, region, area manager or division and can help with anything from monitoring trends to budgeting.

Customer Services

Here at Regal Gaming Technologies, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we are completely committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. Our experienced customer service team will ensure your needs are understood and resolved in the fastest possible time. Our team are on hand to help you 364 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just one of the many reasons we are the leading B2B gaming services provider in the UK for the leisure and amusement industry.

You can contact our customer service line on 01772 694242

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