Steve Daniels

Head of Research and Development

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We take pride in developing the Best Technological Solutions together with our customers

Regal Gaming has over 6,000 digital gaming machines connected via MARS (Machine Analysis Reporting System in real time). MARS is a casino management system, developed in-house by Gauselmann. MARS and Power BI give us the facility to be able to configure reports according to KPI’s and relevant measures to your business in real time.
Regal has the ability via these systems to create unique and bespoke reporting and business intelligence suite that assists the decision making process through factual data. Reports can be configured using live up to the minute data and reported across a multitude of measures across configurable date ranges.

Having a connected digital gaming machine estate and being able to use real time data has led us to develop industry leading technological solutions together with our customers and partners.
Real time data enables us to take the next steps in machine operating.

  • Facilitating Contactless Payments to digital gaming machines in partnership with OKTO.
  • The SOLAR Customer Application – The Solar Customer app is a Regal in-house development to operate the machines even more transparent and efficient for our customers.
  • Offering a proven and reliable Age Verification Solution in partnership with YOTI.
  • Unique and individual Reporting and Business Intelligence suites.
  • Various Engineering and Collection Applications.

Please find out more about our technological solutions and contact our Customer Service Team.